What is a drain and why do we need a drainage system?

As you may know, drains are designed to direct water away from a specific area. Water, not moisture.

“How do you know if we need one or not?” – Simply put. Check if you need a drainage system

  • My garden is always “marshy” and floods when it rains
  • My house floods when it rains
  • My walls are severely damp
  • I have a wine cellar/man cave
  • I have a room in my house that is below ground level, my walls are damp and access to the other side of the wall is pretty much under the house… so what now??
  • My property is either on a sharp slope or very flat
  • After it rains it takes a long time for the water to subside

“How do we know what drainage system is going to be used?”

When it comes to drainage, we need to establish a few things before just installing a drain. We need to establish what sort of system is needed firstly. Then if one is needed, we will build one to suite your needs.