Yes! you read it right, we are proud to announce, Dampcon has opened a branch in The Western Cape!

As from September 2016 Dampcon Western Cape is fully up and running and we have already successfully completed extremely complicated and highly technical projects. These projects include waterproofing of the Giletto ice cream factory using the most reliable waterproofing on the market currently, and as well as full refurbishments of residential complexes, maintenance on industrial factories and many more. Our wide array of skill allows us to successfully complete and guarantee damp proofing, waterproofing, roofing, drainage, building maintenance and painting. 

Over the past 20 years Dampcon have been manufacturing waterproofing, water repellent, damp proofing chemicals and paint products in-house. All our products are all proudly South African and are manufactured in the factory in Gauteng under strict quality control conditions to ensure we provide the best quality we can. Our products are used in every single project we carry out, giving our customers peace of mind.  

As part of Dampcon's core values, we don't take short cuts! Especially in safety. The safety of our staff is the most important part of any project we carry out. Whether its big or small, high riser or single storey building, a risk assessment and method statement is done before any project starts. As you can see, we take our safety and yours, seriously! 

We are very excited and proud of our expansion into the Western Cape. This marks a new era for Dampcon

Should you require any more information or if you have feedback you can contact us via email www.admin@dampcon.co.za