University of Witswatersrand JohannesburgAttention: H H LouwDMV Consultants INCDMV Harrismith IncorporatedP O Box 912Harrismith 9880                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Date:                                                                                                                                                                5 January 1997 Dear Sirs Renovations : Harrismith Hospital I refer to the facsimile dated 30 January 1997 and comment as follows: We have conducted certain research in the department at the university with regard to rising damp and we have experimented with the three methods detailed in your letter. Our investigation to date have revealed that on the whole the system whereby a silicone solution is injected into the wall is probably the most effective way to resolve the problem. The application of water sealant such as Coprox will not solve the problem and the method whereby the damp proof membrane is inserted into the wall in stages, requiring chasing, does not create problems from the point of view of disruption and damage and is not 100% effective. The Dampcon solution has been recommended by us for many major projects ranging in value from R3000 to R500 000. The Dampcon company has done work for us over the last 15 years and has always honoured their guarantees whenever a problem has arisen in connection with their waterproofing. I have no problem recommending their product. Yours faithfully Professor R I SchlessHead Department of Building and quantity surveying.

Hi Craig,Final site inspection and walk about has been completed.Our snag list has been attended to and all specifications have now been met in every respect.The site clean up has also been completed.We are completely satisfied with the entire project in every respect from specification to installation.We wish to comment on an extremely high quality finish regarding workmanship and application.Project is now 100% complete.Best regards,

Dampcon Preferred applicators of CoralGuard systems – February 2009CoralGuard has approved Dampcon as the specialist applicator of their waterproofing and coating products because of Dampcons expertise in this arena since 1982Dampcon has a proven track record and throughout 2008 acquired 60% of new business through satisfied customer referrals. In addition to this, Dampcon, Is a family business that has built consistency and stability through a dedicated management team and loyal staff over the past 27 years.It is simply to choose Dampcon as they are skilled in waterproofing, damp proofing, drainage, coatings and building refurbishments. Dampcon guarantees their work and that is one of the reasons they have chosen to use CoralGuard products and systems.Founded in 1996 CoralGuard started manufacturing waterproofing products to a new trade secret and patented formulation. CoralGuard soon branched out into coatings, plaster additives and other products all being a by product of the patented waterproofing formulation. In 2008 CoralGuard upgraded their manufacturing plant and now have the capacity to manufacture 4000 litres daily.CoralGuard products are manufactured locally to stringent conditions, each batch manufactured is tested to ensure that is conforms to quality standards.By Combining quality products with a professional application be assured of an effective aesthetically pleasing solution be it a domestic, industrial or commercial application.

Dear Faith,I found your company to be very professional; I however found the wall still to be rough.The tiles were matched up almost perfectly and for that I am very happyKind regards,Claire Barnes

From: Neil de la Harpe

Date: Friday, July 05 2013 09:02 AM

To: Duncan Foley

Subject: Re: Waterproofing quote

Hi Duncan,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to thank you for the great service. It was a breath of fresh air dealing with you and your company. I knew in your hands I didn’t have to worry about the job being done. It has been professional from the start and am very happy. Thank you.

I hope you have a great day for the rest of it and a brilliant weekend.

Kind regards

Neil de la Harpe

Creative Director

From: Gillian Schultz

Date:  2010-03-18 17:31:31

To: “Faith Hattingh” <admin@dampcon.co.za>

Subject: Damp proofing

Good day all

I’m not sure if I am passing on this information to the correct people?

I am Gillian. And I live in 13 Vila Nossa. I have been experiencing damp problems in my house. I would like to pass on a contact for everyone as I have received excellent service from Dampcon.

I received a couple of quotes for the damp proofing and they were the cheapest and their work quality and service was excellent.


Gillian Schultz

From: Kate Sidley 
Sent: 24 November 2015 08:09 PM
To: Faith Hattingh; Jarrod Vickery
Subject: Thank you

Dear Jarrod

Thank you for the excellent service that you and your colleagues have given me in the past months. Both your damp-proofing team and your painting team were professional, neat, speedy and very pleasant to deal with. Please pass on my thanks and my compliments to all of the people who worked at my house. It really looked great when they were done and the incoming tenants are delighted with the overall finish and look of the place.

I would be happy to give a reference or recommendation to any potential customer.

We hope to do a small renovation in the new year. I will be contacting you for a quotation from your building team.

Best wishes for the holidays.


Kate Sidley
Writer and editor

From: Shelli Palframan

Date: 02 April 2013 06:30 PM

To: “Faith Hattingh”

Subject: Re: Mrs Palframan


Hi Faith,

Attached please find proof of payment.

Thank you for the great service you provided I thought that it had died in South Africa. A great pleasure to deal with your company


Shelli Palframan

From: Chris Hawyes

Date: 13 December 2012 09:42 AM

To: Faith Hattingh


Thank you Faith.

A blessed and safe Christmas to all of you at Dampcon too.

Once again, I thank you so sincerely for fixing the major water problem at my house in Orange Grove.

Chris and Bernard, thank you for your generosity and going far beyond what you should have done. I can say first hand that a Dampcon guarantee is a genuine guarantee. I really appreciate it.

Sincere regards,

Chris Hawyes

From: Mmameshi ,Phillip 
Sent: 15 October 2015 15:02
To: Karien Fourie
Cc: Johan Fourie
Subject: Service Rendered – Waterproofing in Security Area


This is to confirm that the above mentioned project was executed successfully without any issues. As the project team – we are satisfied with the level of service received from Dampcon. I personally had a good working relationship with team, thank you.

We looking forward for a good business relationship.

Kind regards

Phillip Mmameshi
Design Draughtsman
Element Six Group