Every drainage dilemma is unique. Solutions could range from designing gully systems – draining surface water, to pumping underground water away from the property, to harvesting water for use in your garden.

How do you know when you have a drainage problem?

  • There is water flooding into your basement or building
  • Water pushes up through you floors
  • Your grounds and gardens are soggy or marshy
  • You have clay soil or ou-klip or rocky ground conditions
  • Your property lies at a bottom of a slope
  • Water pools up and does not drain away after rain fall

Dampcon have solutions for both surface and sub-surface drainage systems which requires a comprehensive and detailed survey and consultation as each solution is unique and specialized.

Sub-surface drainage requires a pit/ pilot hole to be excavated before hand to determine soil conditions which is not evident on the surface. Draining of your property delivers a long term solution when specified and carried out by us.

Drainage solutions include:

  • Subsoil drainage
  • Bench drainage systems
  • Concrete gully with or without grating
  • Eazy-drain installation
  • Sumps with and without a submersible pump

Contact us to get one of our professional surveyor’s to inspect and provide you with a comprehensive drainage solution that is unique to your needs.