Dampcon opened its doors for business in 1985. It was founded by Marius Hanscombe who has since 1974, been involved in Construction and Waterproofing.

Dampcon was the first in South Africa to utilise the franchise concept in our industry. This period ran from 1989 to 2000. Thereafter, approximately fifty percent of the companies in damp proofing were former franchisees.

In 1995, Dampcon won the Business Achievement Awards.

In 1996, research and development into waterproofing systems and paint began which ultimately resulted in the development of CoralGuard.

In 2001, Dampcon became a family business and from 2003, Dampcon focused on training in all facets of Building Refurbishment.

In 2013, Planned growth resulted in restructuring of the business to encompass Industrial & Commercial Building Maintenance.

Currently, Dampcon is known in the industry as waterproofing, damp proofing, ground water drainage, industrial maintenance and building refurbishment specialists. 



Dampcon aims to provide high quality building refurbishment and related services at the correct price in a timely fashion – creating a continually improved industry standard.



Dampcon, through the past 31 years, have always held our core intrinsic values of honesty, integrity, quality of service and workmanship above all else. 

These are the foundations to our business, now and into the future.

The building blocks laid upon these foundations are aimed at growth, sustainability and long term profitability thus ensuring customers of today remain customers of tomorrow.

Exceeding customers expectations, reliability and continuous skills development is the mortar that holds the building blocks in place.

Through sound moral, building and business principles we strive to exceed our highest standards and in doing so add value to our customers, staff and communities.